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Early detection for autism can significantly impact your child’s life

Early detection for autism can significantly impact your child’s life.

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Help your child with Asperger’s disorder at home to help them grow

Help your child with Asperger’s disorder at home to help them grow.

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Northern Kentucky Pediatric Therapist Featured as Industry Expert

Daniel Cross

A recognized leader in pediatric rehabilitation, Daniel Cross delivers a positive, therapeutic experience through expertise, flexibility and patient centered care at A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy. As president and managing therapist at A Step Ahead, Cross provides therapeutic services to the patients as well as manages
daily operations of the practice.

Six years ago, the company that Cross’ son received occupational therapy from, ended their program. Cross was unable to find a program that had availability and the desire to serve the pediatric population. At this time, Cross saw a need and an opportunity to further utilize his 10+ years of pediatric therapy experience by opening his own practice that concentrated solely on providing quality pediatric rehabilitation services to children with developmental needs in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.

Cross has since expanded his services to surrounding areas, growing both his staff and patients. He has a true passion for helping families learn, grow and achieve milestones and positively showcases his leadership for his community through the success and growth of A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy.

Cross has spent the last sixteen years working in the pediatric therapy field in a variety of settings including early intervention, office based and school setting. His career includes leadership roles at HealthSouth, Inc., Therapist’s Unlimited, Trihealth, Inc., and Cardinal Hill of Northern, KY.

Cross holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Vermont and maintains an active membership in the Down Syndrome Group of Greater Cincinnati, Cub Scout Pack 808 Independence, KY, Kentucky Amateur Baseball Association and Families with Autism Society.


View Dan’s Expert Profile

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NKY Pediatric Therapy Center Featured on Cincinnati’s Fox 19

Click the link below to view the video clip. News, Weather

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Babies Need Tummy Time

 A Step Ahead owner and managing therapist Daniel Cross, offers expert advice to readers of Cincinnati Family Magazine. Check it out!
Written by Sherry Hang   

But remember, when it’s sleeping time, Baby should still be on his back.

Since the American Academy of Pediatric’s successful “Back to Sleep” campaign began in 1992, there’s been a decrease in the amount of SIDS-related deaths, says Daniel Cross, president of A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy in Crestview Hill, KY.  But babies now are spending so much time on their backs — as well as in infant carriers, bouncy seats and swings that Cross says there’s an increase in “flat spot” among babies — positional plagiocephaly.  In this condition, Baby’s head becomes an oblong shape with displacement on one side of the forehead and flattening on the back of the skull on the other side. In 1992, flat spots occurred in one in 300 healthy infants; in 1999 the occurrence was one in 60.


The solution? Tummy time, Cross says, adding that it’s greatly underestimated by parents. During tummy time, infants develop neck muscles for head control, stomach strength for sitting and rolling and arm strength for hand control and reaching for objects and people. The building blocks created at this stage pay great dividends at the four to five month stage when babies begin to coordinate their motions into actual patterns and begin rolling and sitting with support. Cross has tips for encouraging tummy time and making it enjoyable for your baby: 


Help your baby get into a good routine.

Introduce new skills and challenges when Baby is in a good mood. 


Give reassurance and love.

Remember that your baby is learning how to handle stress and new experiences. Lie next to him when he’s trying his tummy, rub his back and look at his face, too. 


 Limit tummy time at the beginning.

Build on the success as your child becomes stronger and more accustomed to the position. 


 Harder surfaces make tummy time easier.

Place your baby on carpet with just a blanket to protect his face, allowing him to push against and to raise his head and chest from the floor. 


 Stick with it!

Even when the first tries end poorly, practice does make perfect in this case.


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Featured on

We are featured on this week as a growing company in the NKY/Cincinnati area. Check it out!!

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NKY Pediatric Therapy Practice to Host Informational Seminar for Local Parents

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Media Contact: Sabrina Koester


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A Step Ahead plans open house to inform parents about abnormal childhood development

Cincinnati, OH – October 6, 2011 – A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy, a comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation practice based in Northern Kentucky, will host a seminar: How to Detect Abnormal Childhood Development, on Saturday, October 15th  from 10:00am — 11:30am at their Crestview Hills location.

This seminar will offer information from pediatric therapists on the causes and warning signs of abnormality in childhood development including gross motor skills, sensory, communication, feeding and self-care. The seminar will also include information on the benefits of pediatric physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation.

“Every child develops at their own pace,” says Daniel Cross, president and managing partner at A Step Ahead. “Our goal is to inform parents about what is considered typical childhood development so we can help them better understand when something may not be right, allowing them to seek out professional assistance for their child.  This seminar will give parents the opportunity to talk to us to help them make that decision.”  

The A Step Ahead staff will be available during the seminar for one-on-one Q & A and a supervised area with games and snacks will be provided for the kids. 

For more information about A Step Ahead or the informational seminar, visit or get engaged on Facebook at keyword A Step Ahead.


 About A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy

Founded in 2006, A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy provides quality therapy services to children with developmental needs in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area. Through physical, occupational and speech therapy, A Step Ahead therapists guide and support each child as they work toward self sufficiency through increased independence in the family’s daily life. For more information visit







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