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General Signs That Your Child May Need Occupational Therapy

  • Sensory issues: picky eater, unable to tolerate multiple textures, afraid of walking over obstacles, unable to sit for 1-3 minutes at a time, poor attention during play and functional tasks
  • Delayed fine motor skills: difficulty grasping food, crayons and/or play objects
  • Delayed visual motor skills: has trouble using their hands during everyday activities, unable to make lines on paper, trouble self feeding, unable to play with shape sorters or puzzles, etc.
  • Deficits in ADL skills: unable to participate in dressing, eating, grooming or age appropriate self care tasks
  • Poor upper body coordination, strength and/or endurance: floppy joints, low tone, or weakness that limits ability to engage in meaningful play tasks
  • Poor play skills: unable to play with age appropriate toys, limited in play activities, does not engage in joint play with others, poor social skills

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