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Child Development Blog: One Month & One Year

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As an effort to help parents monitor their child’s development, A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy will have a monthly Child Development Blog. Check the blog every month to see if your child’s development is where it should be. If you have any questions about your child development please contact us and we will provide you and your family with the answers you need.

ONE MONTH: At one month a baby should be moving their head from side to side, blinking at bright lights, bringing their hands to their face and responding to loud noises.

ONE YEAR: At one year a child should be triple their birth weight, crawl well, bang objects together, dance to music and gain attachment to objects like a favorite toy or blanket.

Look out in February to find out the next stages of development at month two and year two of a child’s life.

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General Signs That Your Child May Need Occupational Therapy

  • Sensory issues: picky eater, unable to tolerate multiple textures, afraid of walking over obstacles, unable to sit for 1-3 minutes at a time, poor attention during play and functional tasks
  • Delayed fine motor skills: difficulty grasping food, crayons and/or play objects
  • Delayed visual motor skills: has trouble using their hands during everyday activities, unable to make lines on paper, trouble self feeding, unable to play with shape sorters or puzzles, etc.
  • Deficits in ADL skills: unable to participate in dressing, eating, grooming or age appropriate self care tasks
  • Poor upper body coordination, strength and/or endurance: floppy joints, low tone, or weakness that limits ability to engage in meaningful play tasks
  • Poor play skills: unable to play with age appropriate toys, limited in play activities, does not engage in joint play with others, poor social skills

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