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NKY Pediatric Therapy Practice Launches New Website as Part of Proactive PR Campaign

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A Step Ahead’s new site offers improved navigation and more valuable resources for parents

Cincinnati, OH – September 13, 2011 – A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy, a comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation practice based in Northern Kentucky, has launched a new website designed to assist parents of children coping with development challenges. The site is a destination point for parents, and a first step in a proactive public relations campaign designed to build awareness regarding importance and value of pediatric therapy.

This dramatically redesigned site, created by premier Cincinnati public relations firm The Eisen Agency, welcomes visitors with bold new colors, a clean crisp design and simple, user-friendly navigation. A Step Ahead president and managing therapist Daniel Cross, says it was important to develop a site that would be easy to find, as many parents and even referring physicians are not sure where they can turn for help.

“I couldn’t be happier with the design of the new website,” says Cross. “We are always looking for ways to help parents help their children. This new website is one more way for us to do just that. The improved organization and design allows visitors to easily access the information that they are searching for, whether it’s information about our services, our staff or simply how to contact us.”

The new site also offers valuable resources for parents with children who have special needs including website and social media links so parents can better engage and share, helpful articles and book referrals as well as insightful information about the benefits of pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapy.

For more information about A Step Ahead, visit www.AStepAheadPT.com or get engaged on facebook at keyword A Step Ahead.


 About A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy

Founded in 2006, A Step Ahead Pediatric Therapy provides quality therapy services to children with developmental needs in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area. Through physical, occupational and speech therapy, A Step Ahead therapists guide and support each child as they work toward self sufficiency through increased independence in the family’s daily life. For more information visit www.AStepAheadPT.com



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Music As Therapy for Autistic Children

Great article for parent’s of autistic childrenMusic As Therapy for Autistic Children.


Many people believe that music can heal the soul, but can it help to cure physical and mental ailments? Studies on patients with cancer, ADD, and depression have shown that music therapy is effective in helping people cope with a situation, both mentally and physically. Some hospitals today use music therapy to help patients manage their illnesses, because it is research-proven that music calms the mind and eases stress. It has been observed that a specific tone, note, or pitch has a powerful effect on the body, and this can help a patient restore and improve emotional, psychological, and physiological health.Expert music therapists are hired by hospitals and organizations such as cancer institutes to help patients deal with prolonged sickness or pain. Generally, a patient will be referred to a music therapist when symptoms of undue stress and tension are observed. Music therapists also work with patients who require special attention, such as those who are suffering from irregularities in motor and communication skills. There are several other ailments and disorders that can be treated with the use of music therapy, and these include physical handicap, sensory impairment, psychiatric disorder, communication disorder, relationship problems, aging, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities.The different types of music therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and behavioral therapy. The model of therapy that is based on neuroscience is called “neurological music therapy”, or NMT. This therapy involves the study of the effects of music on the brain when music is turned on and off. By understanding the way the brain responds to music, physicians will know how to help a patient.Music therapy is also applied in the treatment of autism. Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder that affects children, and its effects can be seen as early as infancy. Symptoms may appear at the age of six months, and the disorder is established before the child reaches three years of age. Typical symptoms of autism include impaired communication and social interaction, repetitive behavior, and limited interest. Autism is considered a disorder because it prevents the affected person from being self-dependent and leading a normal life. Most autistic people are unable to take care of themselves, even after they reach adulthood, but there are a number of them who have succeeded in becoming independent after they received proper guidance during their childhood.

Music therapy helps in treating autistic children, but it has to be applied with kids in mind. It should not be too complicated for them to follow. Music that engages autistic children in dancing and singing works very well in helping them communicate and develop social skills. Autistic children respond to music by singing in the same note, and some of them may even start communicating through singing. They may take up an instrument to play, and this will help them gain interest in acquiring a certain skill. Music therapy can help different autistic patients in different ways, but generally, it is beneficial to them because it makes them more responsive to things around them.

The reason behind such great response to music is that autistic children do not engage in normal social activities, and music sessions give them an opportunity to express themselves. Music therapy for an autistic child starts with learning how to play a musical instrument, as he or she may get intimidated by human contact. Slowly, the therapy moves on to include singing and even dancing, if the child shows interest for such activities. This gives the child an emotional outlet as well as a sense of fulfillment, which were lacking in the past because of limited social activity.

Autism is not a disease, but it can be detrimental to the development of a child. Extra care must be given when dealing with an autistic child. Even though the child may respond positively to music, it is important to seek help from an expert in music therapy. A music therapist will know exactly what kind of treatment plan is effective in helping an autistic child. It is also important to note that a disorder such as autism cannot be treated in a day, and it requires time, effort, and a lot of patience.

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